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Congratulations to Distinguished Professor Joe-Air Jiang in the Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, who has been honored with the 2019 MOST Outstanding Research Award. Professor Jiang has devoted himself to applying the technologies of electrical engineering and information and communication to the research on agriculture, environmental and ecological protection, renewable energy, and smart grids. Based on his expertise and practical experience, he has developed various long-distant wireless and automatic monitoring and control systems, and acquired valuable monitoring and production data in the above-mentioned research fields, especially in agriculture. Various ecological and prediction models have been established by using these monitoring data, and these models significantly improve and upgrade agricultural production methods, and lay the foundation for the development of smart agriculture in Taiwan. Professor Jiang has engaged in the integration of the information and communication technology (ICT), wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and Internet of Things (IoT), utilizing the modularization of core technologies to design long-distant wireless field monitoring systems and develop innovate smart monitoring platforms suitable for a variety of demands and monitoring targets in different areas. The platform, named the “Advanced IoT/WSN-Based InfoCom Monitoring Platform”, is capable of sensing, data collection, data transmission, and data analysis for different monitoring applications, as shown in Figure 1. Moreover, the proposed platform has also been applied to areas other than smart agriculture. For example, the platform has been used to monitor extra high voltage transmission lines and air pollutants in cities. It is clear that the platform developed by the applicant has made criterial contributions to Taiwan by helping the country move toward a “smart era.”In addition, since 2001 Professor Jiang has published 136 journal papers and obtained 67 patents granted by USA and Taiwan. The fees for technical transfer have reach around 400 thousand US dollars, showing his great academic and research contributions.