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森林環境暨資源學系林增毅副教授參與2022 Northeast Mensurationists (NEMO)國際研討會



北美東北測計(Northeast Mensurationists, NEMO)國際研討會自1997年起每年都舉辦之國際研討會。研討會之目的在於促進北美以及國際在森林測計學領域的交流。參與研討會之成員大多來自於美國及加拿大,但亦有其他國家研究人員如歐洲等國家參與。此因疫情關係研討會停辦了兩年,今年起將持續每年舉辦。2022 NEMO 研討會於2022年5月23-24日在美國Portsmouth, NH舉行。此會議採取混合模式進行,既是採取線上以及實體方式,參與人員來自加拿大、美國、韓國及臺灣。森林環資學系林增毅副教授以線上方式參與會議並發表有關『臨界高取樣法』於估計林分材積之實地效率。『臨界高取樣法』於1960年代開發,是唯一一種直接對林木材積取樣的變動機率取樣法。雖然在理論上,此取樣法為不偏差取樣法,但礙於沒有適合的儀器可以使用。因此,『臨界高取樣法』沒有被廣泛地採納。因科技的進步,目前已開發了適合此取樣法的測量儀器,『臨界高取樣法』逐步被重視,此研究為唯一針對『臨界高取樣法』進行大量的實地探討。研究成果初步發現『臨界高取樣法』估計的林分材積比使用材積式更加地穩定,在效率上接近其他之取樣法,因此,未來有實地運用的潛力。

圖一,2022 NEMO 會議議程






Associate Professor Tzeng Yih Lam Presentation at 2022 Northeast Mensurationists (NEMO) meeting


Northeast Mensurationists (NEMO) meeting was first being organized in 1997 and annually thereafter. The intention of the international meeting is to bring practitioners and researchers in the field of forest biometrics and mensuration for exchanging ideas and collaboration. Participants are mostly from Canada and USA, however, there were also participants from Europe before. Due to the pandemic, NEMO meeting was suspended for the past two years, but it is now being reorganized. The 2022 NEMO meeting was held between 23-25 May at Portsmouth, NH. It took a hybrid mode with a choice of physical and online. Participants in 2022 NEMO meeting came from Canada, USA, South Korea, and Taiwan. Associate Professor Tzeng Yih Lam from the School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University participated online in the conference. He presented a research topic on Critical Height Sampling (CHS). CHS was invented in the 1960s. Even though theoretically it was unbiased, it was not applied due to a lack of suitable equipment. This has changed with invention of suitable equipment at present. This research is the first study that compared CHS to other methods of sampling stand volume on a large scale. Preliminary results showed that CHS provided consistent estimates and comparable precision. Hence, there is potential of applying CHS in future stand volume estimation. 

Figure 1. 2022 NEMO Meeting Agenda

Figure 2. Screenshot of Associate Prof. Lam Presentation