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I am happy to announce another International Live Online Seminar taking place on the 17th of June (Wed), 9 am -11 am, Taipei Time. 

Speaker: Prof./Director Yueh-Chiang Hu, Transgenic Animal and Genome Editing Core, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medial Center, USA

Title:Design Tricks We Learned From 500 Genome Editing Projects

Joining the meeting:You can just click on the link on the pdf file to join us. In case that does not work, detailed info about the virtual meeting room is attached at the end of this email.


Prof. Hu had very solid training and experience in oral biology, cancer biology, reproductive biology and the role of sex hormone in physiology and pathology. During Prof. Hu’s postdoctoral fellowship, he worked with Prof./Director David Page and Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch, the world leading scientists in Germ Cell Biology and Epigenetics, respectively. 


Prof. Hu has been appointed as the Director of the Transgenic Animal and Genome Editing Core since 2014, under Divisions of Developmental Biology and Reproductive Sciences, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio State, USA. He has been running his own research on sexual differentiation and germ cell biology as well as a productive service core. He is going to share with us on the 17th of June, about his experience from handling super complicated genomic editing requests (including one difficult case from me). Many of these precious experience can be applied to many other genomic editing projects in different species and cell models. Hope to see lots of you online:



Prof. Yueh-Chiang Hu, 6/17 9-11 am Taiwan time

(Webex) https://meetingsapac3.webex.com/meetingsapac3-tc/j.php?MTID=m3fad069ed7a69978d562aac501f6de5d

(Webex Meeting Room ID) 586 949 923

(Webex password) eBpP2ZgBp32

(Google Meet, backup) https://meet.google.com/guh-kuab-sgw?hs=122&authuser=1


The Mandarin-version of tutorial for participants is attached.

And the tutorial videos for speakers about joining and content sharing are as followed:


Joining Meeting:


Sharing Content:





In addition, on 6/10 1:20 pm onwards (Classroom 4A, Life Science Building, NTU), I am organizing a pre-seminar warm up session, to discuss over 3 papers Prof. Hu picked for us. GSB students will present the 3 papers (title attached below). Prof. 游益興, also an expert in this field will join us for the journal club discussion.


For those of you who also attended Prof. Diana Laird’s (UCSF, USA) online live seminar last week (or missed but regretted), you may also join us for the post-seminar discussion this Wednesday afternoon (June/3rd) 1:20 pm onwards @ Classroom 4A, Life Science Building, NTU. In case any of you would like to take a look at my warm up slides for Prof. Larid from 2 weeks ago, entitled “You are what your grandmother ate”, here is the link again: https://www.space.ntu.edu.tw/navigate/s/7958ABA059554561A76E5C531B8A438CQQY





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