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本系有幸邀請到正隆公司的陳欽賢副總前來進行演講。陳副總分享了其於舊金山、洛杉磯、上海擔任全球客戶經理經驗中所應用的商業模型:assign vendor assign price (AVAP),可以提供直接、有效率的溝通並建立在時間上、各種商品上一致的規範、需求與合作關係。除了商業模型之外,陳副總也講解了關於造紙技術中的紙張設計、產品定位以及認證,例如原料來源的永續性認證等。最後,陳副總提到從設計團隊與行銷團隊的緊密連結,並跟緊客戶的腳步、配合客戶的需求做服務,是獲得更多國際合作機會的關鍵。

Our department is honored to invite Vice President Chen Qin Xian of ZhengLong company to deliver a talk about supply chain management. Vice President Chen shared his experience as a global account manager and applying a business model in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. The business model, called assign vendor assign price (AVAP), provides a direct and efficient communication channel for launching consistent specifications, needs, and cooperative conditions according to the time and demand in various commodities. Additionally, he also explained about the design of advertisements, product placements, sustainability certifications for the raw materials used in production, and more. Finally, he also mentioned that the close connection between the design team and the marketing team is essential to keep up with the pace of customers and provide services in line with the customer needs; this is the key to obtaining more opportunities in the international market.